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Getting ready for the Pensacola Beach Air Show

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014, 08:16 AM CDT

The Blue Angels will take to the sky Thursday afternoon practicing for the big show.

The Blues will practice at 2:00 pm.

"I heard there was going to be a big crowd so I wanted to get here early.
We asked people who have seen the Blues here before to find out the best time to set up."

Linda Ramon is visiting from Michigan.  She say,s "We are going to be out here by 9:00 Thursday, but it's easy for us. We are staying in a condo, right outside the beach so, yay! It's all good!"

This is the second time Ramon has seen the Blues fly over Pensacola Beach and she's a big fan.  She says "Well the thing is, is that I have a lot of NASCAR fans back at home and nothing compares to the Blue Angels. I said you can have the NASCAR, you want to see power, come see the Blue Angels."

Glenn Maxwell is from New Orleans and says this is his fourth time seeing the Blues here.  He suggests you "get out as early as you can. Find your space and have an exit plan because it's hard to get off the island."
So when is a good time to get to the beach? Santa Rosa Island Authority Executive Director, Buck Lee says the earlier the better.

Each morning the Santa Rosa Island Authority cleans the beach with a large sand sifter.

You may have to move your beach chair for that to come by but after you can put your chair back out to save your spot.Getting ready for the Pensacola Beach Air Show

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