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Foo Foo Fest coming to Pensacola in November

Updated: Friday, July 18 2014, 03:27 PM CDT
A new festival is coming to Pensacola. 
It's called Foo Foo Fest.
It will be a 10 day celebration of Art.
It's being held from November 6th thru the 17th.
Arts Culture Education Incorporated, also known as ACE, says those days were picked strategically.
It's in between two big weekends-The Great Gulf Coast Arts Fest and The Blue Angels Homecoming Show.

Lois Benson
Board member, ACE Inc
Let's fill in the calendar in between with all the vibrant arts we have in the community.  We will be having digital art on a grand scale, opera, symphony, song writing-amazing 10 day festival

The full schedule of events will be announced mid August.

Foo Foo Fest coming to Pensacola in November

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