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Destin may soon have a fishing show

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 05:54 PM CDT
They call Destin the World's Luckiest Fishing Village and it could soon have its own fishing show.
Commissioners will first have to decide if they want to spend 6200 in Bed Tax money, on the pilot.   

Laura Hussey "Producers say this wouldn't be your typical fishing show.  The main character wouldn't be one captain, it would be the entire Emerald Coast"       
The idea came up when the owners of charter boat Realin' Scripts partnered with an Alabama Hunter, who has a show on the Sportsman Channel.
Each week, a family would win a sweepstakes for a vacation in Destin.
Jason G/Memphis "This is our first time to go on a fishing excursion, and I can promise you this, it will be something we do from here on out"
The show would feature not only their fishing experience, but also local shops, restaurants and attractions.
Jake Brashears/For Reel Photography "There's so much to see here and so much to do, I think that you could easily fill a TV show, kind of surprised it hasn't already, to be honest with you"
Producers say the Sportsman Channel is interested, but nothing's on paper yet.
The Tourism Director says the pilot episode is worth spending six grand on, because of the potential for national exposure.

Ed Schroeder/TDD "Sometimes you have to make an investment in something with an educated hope that it produces what you're after"

Jake Brashears "Doesn't take that many groups of tourists coming here to bring that money right back to us"
As a photographer who earns his living on the Docks, Jake Brashears thinks the show would be great.

But since the money would come from Bed Taxes paid by tourists, we asked Jason Gibert from Memphis.

Jason "Absolutely. Anything incremental that could help bring more dollars into Destin, especially after a time when it was down here"
County commissioners will have the final say Tuesday morning.
Laura Hussey "If their funding is approved, producers hope to start shooting the pilot within the next three weeks."

Destin may soon have a fishing show

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