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Crestview's Twin Hills Park planning

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 08:22 PM CDT
A skate park, a dog park, and a walking path to Downtown. Those are just some of the long-discussed plans for Twin Hills Park in Crestview. Those plans are a step closer to reality.

Laura Hussey "Twin Hills Park in Crestview already draws plenty of visitors with a couple of ponds where you can feed the ducks and geese. There are ball fields back there as well. But there's room for a lot more. Let me show you what's on the drawing board"

The master plan includes a boating area and a small amphitheater. There are also plans for a skate park. Lauren Stanley grew up in Crestview, and says young people there need more things to do.

Lauren Stanley "I think it would be very very good to have some stuff for just free, where kids can hang out. I think all we have is like a skating rink and a bowling alley"

With more and more cities getting dog parks, Crestview would be right in step. A wooded area would be converted into a playground for pooches.

Brian/Crestview "Matter of fact, we were commenting today how beautiful it is down here, very quiet, serene, and our dog Chiquita loves it down here, so I think having a separate area for our animals would be nice"   

This map shows you how close Twin Hills Park is to downtown Crestview. City planner Eric Davis says a big part of the vision is to connect the two with a walking path, to help revitalize downtown.   

Eric Davis/Crestview Planning Official "Help bring people downtown to live there, work there, shop there, and to bring in the aspect of the recreational facilities to Downtown"

The old Amtrak depot might be remodeled as an information booth or public restrooms. And with new hope that Amtrak might someday bring back passenger service, it could become a bigger station. The cost of the project is not known yet, but the community redevelopment agency has close to a million dollars set aside for improvements in the area.

Laura Hussey "Within a couple of weeks, Crestview planners hope to have an engineering firm on board to start doing cost estimates for the project."
Crestview's Twin Hills Park planning

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