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LATEST on Syria attack status

Updated: Thursday, September 12 2013, 03:31 PM CDT
RUSSIA   --  President Obama has been using his last day at the G-20 Summit to pressure fellow world leaders to support U.S. led airstrikes on Syria.
But he continues face resistance.
President Obama acknowledged - congress and the American public are skeptical about military action in Syria.

It's hard. but it's the right thing to do
But the president would not say what happens next if lawmakers don't sign off on a strike.

Mistake for me to jump the gun & speculate
At the G20 Summit in Russia, President Obama met on the sidelines today for 20-minutes with his host, President Putin.

When it came to Syria, Putin said they each stuck to their guns.
Will we help Syria? Yes we will.
President Obama will deliver an address to the nation next Tuesday night -  It's an attempt to convince war weary Americans - and lawmakers -  that the
US cannot not stand by and do nothing.

But right now congress seems poised to reject a strike authorization
Republican Senator John McCain supports military action but at a town hall meeting last night he got an earful from frustrated Arizona constiuents.

Iraq is as big a mess as it was back then so we obviously didn't fix that one.
Democrats are under pressure as well, including Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver.

I think we should do something. But I don't think we should bomb their country.
Today on NPR, Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken said the President can act without congressional approval but it is neither his desire nor his intention to use that authority absent congress backing him.

A US air campaign could last at least two days and will likely include Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from four Navy destroyers in the Eastern Mediterranean

There could also be an aerial bombardment by missiles and long range bombs.

LATEST on Syria attack status

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The Syrian civil war, (also known as the Syrian uprising or Syrian crisis) is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Ba'ath government and those seeking to oust it. A part of the larger Middle Eastern protest movement known as the Arab Spring, the conflict began March 15th, 2011 with local demonstrations that grew in scope to become nationwide by April 2011.

Protesters demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad, whose family has held the presidency in Syria since 1971, as well as the end of Ba'ath Party rule, which began in 1963.

The Syrian Army was deployed in April of 2011 to stop the uprising, and soldiers fired on demonstrators across the country. After months of cities and neighborhoods being cut-off by the Army the protests evolved into an armed rebellion.

The Arab League, United States, European Union, and other countries condemned the use of violence against the protesters. The Arab League suspended Syria's membership as a result of the government's response to the crisis, but granted the Syrian National Coalition, a coalition of Syrian political opposition groups, Syria's seat on 6 March 2013.

According to the UN, about 4 million Syrians have been displaced within the country and 2 million have fled to other countries.

Syrian government supporters include Russia and Iran, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia are providing material and weapons to the rebels.


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Should the president forgo military strikes on Syria, if Congress opposes an attack?


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88.46% YES
3.84% NO
7.69% NOT SURE

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