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Furloughed workers getting back to work

Updated: Monday, October 7 2013, 11:13 PM CDT
People may be getting back to work, but they're still unsure of when they'll get their next paycheck.

But for contract workers, it was good news.
Some are back working.. and getting paid.

Channel Three's Jenise Fernandez explains

Grocery Supply Aquisition has contracts with commissaries from New Orleans to Tampa.
When commissaries closed because of the government shut down, their fate was unknown.
But employees can breathe a little easier as they head back to work.

Jeff Cain is relieved to be working again.
Cain works for Grocery Supply Aquisition, delievering groceries to commissaries. The company only works for military.
But when commissaries closed, there was no need for Cain to work, leaving him in a sort of limbo.

"They were actually looking into doing actual out of military stuff... but we never got that far."
Cain was out of work for a week
The company decided to use sick leave to continue paying employees.
When that ran out, they would then use vacation time.
But after that, Cain wouldn't be getting any payments.
He's happy it didn't get to that point.

"You're kinda nervous about it... someone would figure something out sooner or later."

Cain is back getting a pay check. But that's not the case for others who are furloughed.
Angela Rickman's husband is working on base, but not getting  paid.
They don't know when that'll change.

"Well the bills keep coming... gotta pay the water, gas, lights, and mortgage."

And the furloughs trickle down to her business, boomerz lounge.
Most of the customers are military.
Usually on a Monday night, this place is packed with people watching football, now it's empty chairs and empty tables.
And the employees can feel the difference in their paychecks.

Patricia Garner
"They're not able to spend the kinda money... since the shutdown."

The only sure way to end furloughs is for congress to pass the budget to restore funds for the entire federal government.
Reporting in Escambia County, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.
Furloughed workers getting back to work

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