RAW VIDEO: Uganda Missionaries story of faith and love

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 05:45 PM CDT
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Will and Etta Shehee met in college... And fell in love.

"We were 19 and the rest is history.  She saw me and was just breathtaken.  I did, I had a crush on him.  But she was nervous.  So she wouldn't even talk to me."

They got married, and began their family.  After their son Micaiah and daughter Joyceana were born, they felt called to move as missionaries to Uganda.

Will Shehee explains, "And then in 2010 we went full time.  And that's where we had our third born, Levi, he was born there.  And then our fourth born, Lydia.  So we just moved and bought a one way ticket."

But on January 29th, 5 weeks after Lydia was born, Will & Etta were driving home with her after registering her birth in the capital city.  It was dark.  Etta was sleeping in the passenger seat.  Will was temporarily blinded by another car's high beam headlights.

"As I started to be able to see again, I realized there was a big, steel tanker truck just parked right in my lane."

Will slammed on the brakes, but it was too late to stop.  Their vehicle hit the truck and was crushed.  Will had a broken arm.  Etta was trapped.

"We went to pull my wife out but she was pinned, because the vehicle had just folded around her legs.  So at that point, there's no 911 services in Uganda.  There's no jaws of life, no ambulance, nothing."

They were eventually taken to a hospital, but baby Lydia did not survive.  Through the tragedy, the Shehee's say they can still see the hand of God at work, including an unknown truck driver who rode with them, carrying Lydia to the hospital because Will couldn't.

Etta Shehee says, "He was standing there praying with this man that we didn't know holding our daughter, and she breathed her last breath in his arms.  And I just thank God that she was being held and somebody cared.  We don't know him and we'll probably never see him again, but someone cared.  And God cared and held her."

Both Will and Etta have been through multiple surgeries.  Their pain and loss is significant, but their faith in God is still strong.

Will says, "All over America tens of thousands of people have read our story, have wept with us, have prayed for us, have given money to us to help with medical expenses, and most of them are people we've never met before.  I've never felt so loved in my life."

And in case you were wondering, yes, the Shehee's will be heading back to Uganda as soon as they are medically cleared to go.

"It's where my daughter was born, where she lived, where she died, I have a connection with her there too."

If you would like to see more of the Shehee's interview, you can find it on our website under "Raw News". RAW VIDEO: Uganda Missionaries story of faith and love

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