DAYSIDE : Weigh In 5/13/2014

Updated: Tuesday, May 13 2014, 02:10 PM CDT
DAYSIDE :  Weigh In 5/13/2014 story image
1.  Escambia County Extension office was a casualty of the flooding and Extension
staff are located in other county buildings.  If you call the current
Extension phone number it will only ring.  Call 595-3460 to receive help
from Escambia Extension.  

2.  Our recent rainfall and increasing humidity has made conditions very
favorable for a fungal disease on roses called black spot.  This fungus
only gets on roses and is most severe on the hybrids.  

3.  The disease needs moist leaves and causes black spots with an
irregular margins.  Areas around the leaves will then yellow and leaves
will fall.  

4.  Fungicide applications are required every 7-14 days, according to
product labels to manage this disease.

5.  Homeowners may want to consider a more tolerant rose selection like
Drift roses, Knockout roses, or old Garden roses like Belinda's Dream.
 For more information, contact our local Rose Society that meets at the
Tryon Library.  

6. Even though you plant more resistant varieties does not mean you won't have
Black Spot fungus.  Those plants are just a little tougher than the hybrids.

2nd segment

1.  A low maintenance plant for gardeners that also attracts butterflies
is Yarrow or Achillea.  This is an easy to grow perennial that can
tolerate some drier conditions once it is established.

2.  There is a selection called 'Terra Cotta' with flowers that start
yellow and then mature to a deep bronze.  If you want another color,
plants also come in flower colors of white or pink.

3.  Adult butterflies will visit the flowers to get nectar.  Leaves
are very feathery and plants grow well and are easy to divide.  

4.  Foliage will be low growing but flower stalks will rise about 1 foot
above the foliage in late spring and early summer.  

5.  Place plants in full sun or areas that receive good morning sun and
afternoon shade.  

DAYSIDE : Weigh In 5/13/2014

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