DAYSIDE GARDEN: Touch of tropical

Updated: Friday, August 15 2014, 12:24 PM CDT
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A touch of the tropical on today's Dayside Garden.
Kathryn Daniel/Reporting; "We are back at the Escambia County Extension Office off of Stefani Road with Dr. David Mills and he has two things that don't seem to go together, but I guess they do?"

Dr. Dave Mills/Escambia County Master Gardener; "We have several things that don't go together that we are familiar with and unfamiliar with, and that's bromeliads.  These are two examples of things we are very familiar with.  The iconic Spanish Moss and the pineapple.  These are both bromeliads, although the look remarkably different.  I want to talk about something else today and that has to do with bromeliads we grow as ornamental plants and this is just one of thousands of examples. 

They are quite beautiful.  These are bracks, they are not the flower.  The flower is actually on the inside and they usually have very diminutive, what's also interesting about them is, they like to capture water.  And they have special systems that can be adapted to rocks and soil and in trees and other plants.  But they all catch water.  Like here, there are a variety so they can survive those situations when they are dry.  And this is one of those.

Kathryn Daniel; "A bromeliad."
Dr. Dave Mills; " A bromeliad.  They come in many, many different varieties.  People think that because they're kind of exotic, they're going to be difficult to grow.  They're not.  They can grow both inside and outside as long as the temperature remains above freezing.  You can just take them indoors and have them for next year."

Kathryn Daniel; "Okay, very good.  So, what's up for next week?  I think we are going to Woerner's."

Dr. Dave Mills; "We are, we're going to be going to Woerner's and pick out some plants that will be seen getting closer to the end of summer."

Kathryn Daniel; "Okay.  Thank you so much, Dr. Dave Mills, one of my favorite folks on the planet. 
DAYSIDE GARDEN: Touch of tropical

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