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DAYSIDE GARDEN: Late summer tomato planting

Updated: Friday, August 8 2014, 11:44 AM CDT
DAYSIDE GARDEN:  Late summer tomato planting story image
Kathryn Daniel/Reporting; Good Friday morning to you, we are here at the Escambia County Master Gardeners Garden at the Escambia County Extension Service off of Stefani Road.
We have a very special guest this morning, of course Beth Bolles from the Escambia County Extension Office and her beautiful niece, Kate, and she's going to be assisting us.

With some late summer tomato planting?

Beth Bolles; "Yes, she's getting ready to go back to school next week so it's a good time for kids to get that last push in the garden.
One of the things that Kate's going to help me plant today are some heat tolerant tomatoes.  These are ones that can tolerate our 90 degree weather and do very well.  So right now we have a really nice raised bed and Kate is gonna cut off the plastic or tear that off and just pull hard."

Kathryn Daniel; "I've never heard of heat tolerant tomatoes.  Is this a new thing?"

Beth Bolles; "Yes, it is.  These have been developed for a little while, but most of our tomatoes are early season."

Kathryn Daniel; "Right."

Beth Bolles; "Once we get into the upper 80s and lower 90s, the blooms fall off and you don't get production."

Kathryn Daniel; "Yes, mine are gone."

Beth Bolles; "Right now, we have this nice peat pot and Kate's going to dig us a hole and we're gonna plant this.  Probably in about the first of October, we're actually going to have tomatoes."

Kathryn Daniel; "That's amazing."

Beth Bolles; "This one is called Phoenix, another one is called Solar Fire.  They are at the local nursery and you can have local in season selections that love the heat."

Kathryn Daniel;  "I imagine they are a little more expensive than your traditional tomatoes you get in the spring."

Beth Bolles; "Right now, they are about the same price."

Kathryn Daniel; "Really?"

Beth Bolles; "it's a nice plant.  Most of these are supplied by Bonnie which is a really reputable wholesaler that grows tomato transplants and others, so you're getting a good deal.  And these are smaller.  They're only gonna get about two to four feet high.  They'll produce about a ten ounce tomato, and we'll have delicious tomatoes come the first of October."

Kathryn Daniel; "Do they taste as good as our spring and summer tomatoes?"

Beth Bolles; "Now, some people may not agree with that, but yes,  they have good flavor on them in October when we really want some fresh tomatoes." 

Kathryn Daniel; "Yes, fresh tomatoes are fresh tomatoes.  We're not gonna turn our noses up.  Okay, what's up for next week?"

Beth Bolles; "We're going to be looking at some beautiful bromeliads that people can put in a shaded part of the garden."

Kathryn Daniel; "Okay, shade, that's what we want here in August.  Okay, Beth Bolles from the Escambia County Extension office, and Kate.  DAYSIDE GARDEN: Late summer tomato planting

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