DAYSIDE GARDEN: Growning ornamental peppers

Updated: Friday, August 1 2014, 11:44 AM CDT
DAYSIDE GARDEN:  Growning ornamental peppers story image
Kathryn Daniel/Reporting; " We are inside our studios here at the Dayside Garden.  Usually we are outside, but the rainy weather has pushed us inside.  It's kind of a nice break to get in, come see everybody.  Beth Bolles from the Escambia County Extension Office is here, and as usual, you have brought us a treat."

Beth Bolles/Escambia County Extension Office; "We love this plant, and actually the rain would be great in the garden for this plant, it would benefit from this. 

This is an ornamental pepper.  A lot of people will grow edible peppers, because they are so easy to grow and they continually provide a great harvest.  But we are thinking a lot about this selection like this calico that offer color too, so we like those dual purpose plants in the garden that are real popular. 

They give us really good color plus an edible crop to harvest.."
Kathryn Daniel; "Are these hot peppers?"

Beth Bolles; "This is definitely a hot pepper.   Now remember the peppers that form are ornamental, so they are going to be very small, very showy.
And the good thing about this particular plant is you get a great green leaf that mixes the purple and whites in there.  Then your fruit will be a very dark purple or black.
If you like that combination.  It's going to be comparable to a jalepeno so very, very hot to a lot of people."

Kathryn Daniel;  "To me, that's hot."
Beth Bolles; "To a lot of people that will be hot. And a lot of times it will be full of seeds.  So it's not one that necessarily gonna be as enjoyable as one your grow for edible.  So be careful when you plant these peppers and handle them.  You can get that on your hands, and if you wipe that in your eyes, it can be very painful.  So wear gloves and wash your hands when you install or harvest these peppers."

Kathryn Daniel; "So you can dice these up and use them in cooking?"
Beth Bolles; "You absolutely could use them and that would be a great additive to the dishes you prepare.  But plant it in full sun, give it some water, or let the rain supply that water and you'll have great color until we get our first frost."

Kathryn Daniel; "It's really pretty.  When I first looked at it I thought oh, a black olive plant.  How silly."

Beth Bolles; "It's not an olive but it is a fruit that's very, very showy."
Kathryn Daniel; "Now next week we are heading back up to your place, I know you've been busy up there."

Beth Bolles; "We have.  Lots and lots in bloom, lots of weeds."
Kathryn Daniel; "Yes, that's been a challenge this summer.  With the heat and rain a lot of weeds."

Beth Bolles; "It is.  People need to stay active and on top of things.  Do the best they can."

Kathryn Daniel; "Okay, we will be there, and thanks for our pepper plant.  We will be back up at the Escambia County Extension Office for you, next Friday morning."

DAYSIDE GARDEN: Growning ornamental peppers

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