Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

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Pay it Forward (Keith Pugh )

Updated: Thursday, November 14 2013, 06:42 PM CST
A woman working part time, and taking care of her family got a helping hand thanks to a long time friend.   

You're out and about.
You see me.
You see my sign.
"How are you giving, how are you doing that?"

I tell you, you can't keep the money, give it to a relative or anyone who lives with you.
The pressure is on.
Can you think of someone to Pay it Forward to?

"Oh, yes! Goodness gracious, yes!
Keith Pugh did.
He thought of a longtime friend.
"We went to high school together."
Who wasn't always his friend.

"She was my first girlfriend in the 5th grade."
But that was a long time ago.
"My friend, Nina. Her husband has MS."
Nina's husband draws social security, leaving the family to rely on her paycheck  as a part-time professor.

And her husband Tom's MS is not the family's only challenge.
"They have a daughter who also is a special needs child."
We know the perfect person for Pay it Forward when we hear their story, and this time, Nina's story was it.
So, we began our sneaking.
Pay it Forward is meant to be a surprise after all.
First, Keith called Nina so we could find her.
"I've got something really important I need to give you."

Which made her a little suspicious.
"She said, you're not bringing anybody with you, are you?"
Nina was so suspicious, we had to hide in her neighbor's yard until Miles Bentley arrived.

"Gosh, this is awful. I'm nervous!"
We caught Nina at home, making her late for work.
But for a very good reason.
"On behalf of Hill-Kelly Dodge Dodge Chrysler Jeep, I'd like to give you this 500 dollars so that you can Pay it Forward to your friend."

"It makes my, warms my heart."
"It reaffirms my, my faith in people."

Thank you, Hill Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep for making Pay it Forward possible.

Keep someone special in mind and look for Lena and her sign.Pay it Forward (Keith Pugh )

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