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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

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Pay it Forward (Jerry and Ann Turlin)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 02:06 PM CDT
PENSACOLA   --  If you had the chance to surprise someone with 500 dollars, who would it be?
Well a Pensacola couple got the chance to answer that question today.

Channel Three's Lena Deflores took her sign out in Pensacola, looking for someone to help us Pay it Forward.
You know the rules, you can't keep the money, can't give it to a relative or anyone who lives with you. Let's see who we meet.

"God meant this to be."
Jerry Turlin says meeting us was no accident.
And we're inclined to agree.
We started later than planned.
We talked to a lot of people, asking them if they'd like 500 dollars to help a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend - everyone told us no.
And Jerry and his wife Ann weren't even supposed to be there.
"We're waiting on the AAA to come, our battery went dead."

We walked up while they were waiting and they knew right away we were there for what they call, "The 500 dollar thing" and they already had someone in mind for Pay it Forward.

"She was born without her legs being properly formed. The bottom part of her legs aren't there."
Julie is handicapped and is confined to a wheelchair.
Her mother, Jennifer is unable to work because of her own health issues and because of the time needed to properly care for Julie.
Getting around has always been difficult, but has become even harder now that Jennifer's van is broken down.
When Jerry and Ann met Julie and Jennifer, they immediately helped any way they could.
"He was able to pick them up and put the wheelchair in the back and carry them to church."

And they wanted to help in a new way, with the surprise of 500 dollars.
(Ringing) "come on be there." "Hello?"

Jerry told Jennifer that he just wanted to stop by and say hello.
And Jennifer decided not to tell Julie that Jerry would be visiting.

"I'm gonna let it be a surprise."
We thought we had one for her, too.

 "What?" (cries) "Oh, Lord."
"I have a feeling what's going on!" (hug)

But we did get a second chance.   
"We thought we'd bring you a surprise."

"On behalf of Hill-Kelly Dodge, I want to give you this money so you can Pay it Forward."

After that there were plenty of hugs and smiles, but not as many tears as we're used to.
"It makes me want to tear up but I'm not going to."

Thank you to Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep for helping make Pay it Forward possible
If you would like to Pay it Forward, keep an eye out for Lena and her sign.
Pay it Forward (Jerry and Ann Turlin)

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