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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

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Pay it Forward (Clifford Bellow )

Updated: Thursday, November 21 2013, 06:53 PM CST
If you had the chance to Pay it Forward and surprise someone with 500 dollars, who would you give it to?

Channel Three's Lena Deflores met a man who instantly had two people in mind.
It all came together with a chance meeting and help from our partner, Hill-Kelley Dodge Chrysler Jeep

"Can I give you 500 dollars?"
Giving away 500 dollars is tough to do some days.

"500 dollars? Cash...Free...No?"
Sometimes I can't get anyone to stop.

"Can I interest you in 500 bucks?     Everyone's ignoring me."
Sometimes I can't get anyone to listen.

"Can't give it to a relative or No? First time I never even got to finish!"
But no matter what, eventually, we always meet someone willing to help us Pay it Forward.

This time, it was Clifford Bellow.
"I know two twin brothers."

"i see them going to the food pantries a lot."
"They seem to be struggling a lot and when I go by their house, I can just tell they could use all the assistance they can get."

Clifford wanted to assist them by giving them something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

"They're in need of some money for the holidays. They catch the greyhound bus to go visit their mom."

Keith and Kevin Kastner grew up with learning disabilities.
They live together on their own but don't have full-time jobs, so three years ago, they started doing odd jobs for their neighbor, Clifford to make money.

 "They come over and mow the lawn."
And it's one of those odd jobs that led to us meeting Clifford.
He was buying paint rollers for Keith and Kevin.
They were helping him paint since he's recovering from knee surgery.
Just one more turn in how the three men Pay it Forward to each other every day.

"Couple years ago, they had a lot of busted windows at their house. I fixed their windows."
We wanted to help, too, so we headed over to meet Keith and Kevin, who were hard at work.

"I see ya'll struggling and kinda wanna help you out. And this is my way of Paying it Forward."

"Clifford, on behalf of Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, I'd like to give you this 500 to Pay it Forward."

"I get emotional."
"Kind of surprised and shocked."
"They deserve it. This'll probably be one of their better Christmases."
A special thank you to Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep for making Pay it Forward possible.

Pay it Forward (Clifford Bellow )

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