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Pay It Forward

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Pay It Forward - Bettina Hoeft

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 02:06 PM CDT
Channel 3 continues to
help our viewers 'Pay it Forward'. It all starts with our Lena
DeFlores, $500 and our partner Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

Lena's report is below:

met quite a few people in Gulf Breeze who had someone they'd like to
give $500, but Helga Bridwell's story won us over, when she told us
about all the times and ways her friend Bettina Hoeft has lent a hand to
her elderly neighbors while teaching her young neighbors.

"She helped everybody who needed help," said Bridwell. Bettina and Helga met about ten years ago when they were neighbors.
Hurricane Ivan, it was Bettina who coordinated efforts to get
neighborhood homes repaired and cleaned, even doing the heavy lifting
and dirty work herself, when necessary.

"Our house was underwater," said Bridwell. "She helped until...we had a roof over our heads."

Bridwell's house caught fire after a lightning strike earlier this
month, again Hoeft came to the rescue, making calls and doing whatever
it took to help a friend in need.
We wanted to help Helga say
'thank you' to Bettina for all that she does for anyone in need, in any
way she can. So, we called Miles Bentley with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler
Jeep Ram who met us where Bettina works, with that $500.

are a good samaritan. You do for everybody and it's time you got
something," said Bentley. "Helga, on behalf of Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler
Jeep Ram, I'd like to give you this $500 so that you can Pay it
Hoeft said while the $500 will certainly come in
handy, it's not why she reaches out to others. "I just do what I'm
supposed to do and God takes care of the rest," she said. "Amen."
shares her time and talents with as many people as she can reach, but
admits she has a special connection with children and the elderly.
a number of years, she's been a Sunday school teacher at Holy Cross
Church. "The church isn't just for adults, it's for them, too," she
said. "I want the kids to know that they have a a Christian

Hoeft says money can be short and time can be tight, but should never stop people from helping others.

hopes others realize giving in a non-traditional sense can be just as
helpful. "I've dug irrigation's ditches, trimmed trees, been on the roof
doing whatever, knocking' down walls, rewiring fans," she said. "What
you think is so little, that doesn't make a difference could make a huge
difference to someone else."
Hoeft says she'll use the money
to help her son who will start his freshman year at FSU in the fall and
to visit her daughters, one an artist in California, the other a
Lieutenant in the Air Force in Alaska. 
A special thank you to our partner Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep for making 'Pay it Forward' possible.
Be sure to look for Lena and her sign as we continue to Pay it Forward.Pay It Forward - Bettina Hoeft

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