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Rundown properties across the Gulf Coast

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 07:01 PM CDT
PENSACOLA   --  There are rundown properties in neighborhoods across the Gulf Coast.
Donna sent us a message through Facebook asking us to check out this property on G Street in Pensacola.

The building behind me neighbors say was a slaughterhouse. It's been shutdown for 20 years. You can see the condition of this property now.

The other building here has been a business recently, but nothing is in it right now.
Donna is calling this an eyesore.

It may not be the worst, and there are certainly others.
But these two buildings are symbolic of what's happening in neighborhoods like this.

Donna grew up across the street. She talks about how the entire block with the vacant buildings has never been developed, and says it looks awful and needs to come down.

Others are okay with the state of the structures, but would like to see more.
"It was a produce company. They shut down a little over a year ago," says Jason McLellan, who lives across the street. "There's a lot of good uses they could use on that building. But that's up to the state or the county."

The people who live here call the area "shanty" -- or "shanny town".
Many have been here for years, taking pride in their own homes, while watching these quiet streets decay.

The feeling here is that it's time for a neighborhood renewal.
"I would love to have, like I say, a new facelift where new homes are built up in vacant lots, sidewalks, another playing area for the kids for like playground area," says Audrey Daniels, who has lived in this neighborhood for 49 years.

We called the number posted here on the fence to try and find out what the plans may be for this property.

We reached a bank out of state. So far, we've gotten no response.

Rundown properties across the Gulf Coast

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