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EYESORE: Abandoned trailer park off Blue Angel parkway

Updated: Thursday, October 24 2013, 07:21 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  Living next to an abandoned house, full of overgrowth is bad enough but imagine living next to a whole row of homes literally falling apart.
That's what people in one Pensacola community off Blue Angel Parkway are dealing with.
They're concerned if something isn't done soon they're safety could be at risk.
1610 Blue Angel Parkway
Kavontae Smalls
"You've heard the expression, everything but the kitchen sink, well not in this case.  This entire mobile home park has turned into a complete dump, and code enforcement will definitely have its hands full"

Along this dirt road, an abandoned house followed by a row of mobile homes sit in shambles.
Many of them have become so rundown, the walls are falling off exposing the insulation.
Old dog houses, furniture, you name it and it can probably be found amongst the debris.
It would seem stray animals are the only inhabitants or are they.

"Shelia" - Lives next door
"it's horrible, it's an eyesore, I can't believe someone has been allowed to let it sit this long and haven't been fined or something"

Sheila, who didn't want to be fully identified, believes there's more going on at the defunct mobile home park than meets the eye.
She's had to call police more than once, and she's worried for her safety.
"The wrong people getting a gun in their hands or the bullet coming over here when it shouldn't, drugs or other illegal activities"

Employees at the Bluegrass Bar a few blocks away are also tired of their nasty neighbor.

Taylor Miseray - Bluegrass Bar
"There really is a big issue with the animals and the drugs and places that don't have people living in them turn into the worst places"

County records show the house dates back to 1943.
The mobile homes have been around since the 60s.
The county has a court order to demolish the property.  Good news for people who live and work nearby.

"It's good to know it's being taken care of, it makes it a little safer"
"The county plans to begin cleanup on this property within the next 30 to 45 days."
 If you know about a rundown property or eyesore, tell us about it.  Just go to our website.. and click on Eyesores under Hot Topics.

EYESORE: Abandoned trailer park off Blue Angel parkway

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