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EYESORE: 5/7/2013 Pace eyesore demolished after several years

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:51 PM CDT
PACE   --  A house destroyed by fire sits empty in a Pace neighborhood for years attracting rodents and vandals.
Now it's no longer a problem thanks to Santa Rosa County Code Enforcement.
Here's a look at what it takes to tear down a Gulf Coast Eyesore.
Fire destroyed this house a couple of years ago.  Since then it has been a blight on the neighborhood. 
Now it's finally coming down.
The blaze turned the once quaint home into a charred mess.
And it stayed that way for years.

Travis Burke/Neighbor:  "It has been an eyesore for a while.  You get rodents and all that from it."
The property owner and a tenant were arrested for deliberately setting fire to the house to collect insurance money.
Neighbors were stuck with the dilapidated house until now.
Santa Rosa County hired a contractor to demolish it - after code enforcement worked the case for more than a year.

Bobby Burkett/Code Compliance Officer:  "We tired to make contact with the property owner, have him do it, had no success there so we put it out on bid."
The county has demolished more than a dozen dilapidated properties so far this year at about 4 or 5 thousand dollars a pop, depending on the structure.
Randall Pack works many of these demos and sometimes the property owners put up a fight.
Randall Pack/Sessions Construction Services:  "Oh yeah, it makes me very, very nervous.  I get nervous when I walk into a house like this and just wonder what I'm going to run into next."
There was no trouble with this house.
In fact, the neighbors came out to watch and celebrate.
These girls even stayed home from school to see the demolition as a reward for getting good grades.

Devon Shehane/9-year-old:  "I didn't like all the burned stuff on the ground and all the walls and it wasn't very good."

Takes a couple of days to fully demolish and clean up a house like this.  The county will put a lien on the property to recoup their costs

EYESORE: 5/7/2013 Pace eyesore demolished after several years

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