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EYESORE: : 5/20/13 Mississippi Circle eysore finally gone

Updated: Sunday, August 4 2013, 10:08 AM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  Neighbors in one older, West Pensacola neighborhood have been struggling to keep the area in decent shape.

The downturn in the economy, storms, and other problems have lead to some neglected homes.

This house on Mississippi Circle in West Pensacola was abandoned for years.
Wide open, vandals and vagrants came and went as they pleased while the house continued to deteriorate.   
96-year-old, Nan Clayton's, home backs up to the dilapidated property.   
"It was dangerous and I've lived here by myself for 37 years and I didn't feel safe.  I didn't feel threatened by any of the neighbors, but I didn't feel safe from the people who stayed there overnight."
The house also became home to a colony of cats.
Neighbors tried unsuccessfully to help the county catch some of them.

Dale Bock/Neighbor:  "We'd let them put a cage in our yard, but the cats won't come in our yard b/c of the dogs."

Escambia Environmental Enforcement has been well aware of the problem, but due to budget cuts they couldn't afford to tear it down until now.
The longtime Eyesore is finally gone, an empty lot now in its place.
Neighbors are thrilled, especially Nan Clayton.
She no longer see strangers lurking around the property, but she does have one problem.
Clayton:  "I'm still fighting the cats.  You know where they love to get on that ledge, the brick ledge.  And you know what it's like to wake up and look up there and there goes an animal."
Nan is looking through magazines to find some kind of "cat repellant," but she's just happy to feel safe again, swinging on her porch, and enjoying the home she's had for more than forty years.

Clayton:  "It's just, it's just a new area to me."
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EYESORE: : 5/20/13 Mississippi Circle eysore finally gone

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