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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check (Rebecca Carter)

Updated: Sunday, August 4 2013, 10:09 AM CDT
BUDDY CHECK--Breast cancer survivors in their childbearing years often struggle with infertility.
Chemotherapy and certain medications can reduce the chances of conception dramatically.
A woman who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at a very young age.
Don and Rebecca met at 17 married at 22 by thirty the Carter's were ready to start a family.

(("Diagnosed with breast cancer.  Stage Three a.  Ductal Carcinoma, I had to have eight rounds of chemo.  33 radiation treatments and the tamoxifin as well."))

The couple focused on fighting cancer together.
(("Shaved his head bald for me, tell me I was beautiful when I had one eyelash and no eyebrows."))
Rebecca thankfully went into remission and then spent years on an anti-cancer drug that often brings on menopause.
The devout Catholics prayed specifically.

(("Saint Anthony is the Patron Saint of Lost Things so I figured if I lost my fertility, he could find it for me."))
That Thanksgiving -- they found out Dominic was on his way.
The now two year old recently became a big brother.

(("We call her "bonus baby" because we thought we were so blessed to have one child but to have another was just amazing to us."))
Rebecca is back full time as Director of Ministry at Catholic High School. Don changed his work schedule so he's home during the day with the kids. It's a busy, Chaotic season of their lives. Even so, they haven't ruled out another little one.

(("We'll see what God says."))
Through their years of cancer and fertility uncertainty... Rebecca prayed for peace and answers about maybe adopting.
These days, with two in diapers she asks for endurance.
(("When my two year old is coloring on the couch again, or wiping bananas on the furniture again, it's like he's a miracle from God and blessed us with a two month old to kinda step back and say, wow.  "Be Patient", these are gifts from God and everyday you have with them is a blessing."))Buddy Check (Rebecca Carter)

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