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Buddy Check (Melissa Wolter - April)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
Pensacola's largest "Relay For Life" event is set for May 10th. It's held at Washington High School and has been a tradition for almost 20 years.
Each year, two local cancer survivors are chosen to serve as "Honorary Chairs" of the celebration.

Melissa Wolter wears many hats.UWF volleyball coach. Six year breast cancer survivor and most recently -- honorary chair for the Pensacola Relay for Life.
Sacred Heart Hospital's Terri Smith says Wolter was a clear choice.
(("We look for someone who can inspire cancer patients who are currently going through therapy."))
Wolter says during her breast cancer treatment -- she turned inward. Looking back, she says her independant spirit got the best of her.
(("I'm kinda sad I didn't take the opportunity to get to know more people while I was going through it to help walk with me through it.  And I've just really cherished the moments when I've had people that have reached out to me and I've been able to be there for them."))
Wolter says one week before her breast cancer diagnosis at age 31, she asked God to challenge her to help her grow.

(("Honestly, I think I needed to go through this.  To really realize that life isn't about me and that God had a much bigger plan for me and this was a platform that he allowed me to stand on."))

A platform Wolter's embraced.  Her volleyball team takes part in many breast cancer events and she talks often with other female athletes about breast cancer prevention and detection.

((Everyone said when I was going through it that it was gonna be a small segment of my life that eventually I would be able to put behind me, but I don't think you really ever put this behind you."))
Buddy Check (Melissa Wolter - April)

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