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Buddy Check January

Updated: Sunday, August 4 2013, 10:09 AM CDT
So often when a loved one has cancer we want to "do" something to defeat the disease.  Here's our chance.
The American Cancer Society needs volunteers  from around the country for a long term study.
To take part -- you must be between 30 and 65 years old and cancer free. 
Past studies have played *huge* roles in cancer prevention.
Radiation Oncologist Doctor Joanne Bujnoski is helping lead the local charge for recruiting people for CPS-3  Cancer Prevention Study 3.

(("It's remarkable that the ACS is performing this study and I think it's a privilege for anyone who might want to participate."))

For Bujnoski -- it's of course professional but also very personal.
(("I come from a large family that unfortunately that has a lot of malignancies."))

Bujnoski has already signed up for CPS-3. In March she'll complete her participation by going to one of seven local enrollment sites. There, her waist will be measured and a small blood sample is drawn. 
After that -- every few years study Bujnoski and other participants will get an emailed health survey, questions about lifestyle, from environmental factors to behaviors and habits.

(("Whether you take vitamins, supplements just to even find it if vitamins because the risk of cancer or even delay the development of cancers."))

If a participant gets cancer during the years of the study -- they report their diagnosis and their blood sample is pulled for further research.
Bujnoski has some hypothesis on links between cancer and lifestyle.

(("I've been very interested in the relationship between obesity and malignancy for many years."))
Bujnoski also serves on the Florida board of the American Cancer Society. She says the overall research findings from the ACS have been groundbreaking and crucial in fighting the disease.

(("Now every woman in the world that's diagnosed with breast cancer, her cells are tested to determine whether they have that receptor on the cell surface.  Whether if they do than they could benefit from the delivery of this particular drug."))

There is an American Cancer Society  "Community Champion" kickoff set for Jan. 24th at the J.E. Hall Center at 5:30 pm

Volunteers will meet to learn how to recruit study participants.
For a link to the seven local enrollment sites, head to our website. Buddy Check January

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