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Buddy Check 3 (Surviving In Style)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
PENSACOLA, FL - "Surviving in style" -- that's the motto of the Baptist Women's Boutique.

Paula Chastant has an unusual job.

Paula Chastant/Baptist Women's Boutique; "I'm a prosthitus. I work with prosthesis for Breast Cancer."

She is trained and certified to fit breast cancer patients with products after surgery, her patients are recovering from mastectomies or lumpectomies. They need prosthesis devices and special bras. It is a fragile time for a woman and Paula gets that completely. In 1995, she had a mastectomy for stage two breast cancer.

Paula Chastant; "A lot of people, you would not imagine, come in here and ask, 'I've never spoken to anyone who has had a mastectomy or a lumpectomy before."

Soon after her surgery, she took over a business that fitted and sold these types of products.

Paula Chastant; "The youngest person I ever fit was 27 years old and the oldest lady I've ever worked with was 98."

Close friend and colleague Karen Cobb comes to Paula for fittings. She too is a breast cancer survivor. She loves how Paula shares her story with her and other women who come for help and often leave laughing.

Karen Cobb/Baptist Hospital; "My office is right next door. The door will be shut and I can hear them laughing and I feel like I have to come in here and referee the peanut gallery."

Karen says Paula works hard to stock attractive garments from underthings to swimwear.

Karen Cobb; "It's so rewarding, the transformation when someone comes in here. They'll come in here very timid and shy and they'll leave here laughing with their head up and just parading and strutting practically, when they leave here and they are very proud."

That's Paula's point, helping ladies feel whole again.

Paula Chastant; "Everyone has a new normal after they've had Breast Cancer."Buddy Check 3 (Surviving In Style)

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