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Buddy Check 3 "Surgi-Shorts"

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
FLORIDA - Breast cancer survivor Jackie Green is a retired businesswoman...She never saw herself as an inventor.

That's right..

But when she needed a simple solution to a medical problem that's just what she became.

Here's her story in tonight's Buddy Check Three.

In the last three years, hereditary breast cancer survivor Jackie Green's had a double mastectomy, five surgeries, 18 months of chemo...But what she couldn't stand were the post surgery drains...Bulbs that collect incision fluids...She says they're uncomfortable and unsightly...Her first outing after surgery to the grocery store confirmed that.

Jackie Green; "And I looked down and it's hanging out and I was devastated. I was so embarrassed and that's when I came home and I said, that's it. There's gotta be a better way."

She got out her sewing machine and the first surgi-shorts were made. Jackie wore the homemade pair to her next operation -- her surgeon was impressed.

Jackie Green; "She walked in, she looked down and she said, what in the world have you got on? And that's when I told her and she said "Oh my God." She said, Jackie, you've got to take this and run with it."

Two days later Jackie had an appointment with a patent attorney.

Jackie Green; "I can't believe that after all these years that nobody has come up with it."

Jackie consulted surgeons and patented a very simple design...Instead of taping the tubing -- patients can securely tuck the drainage bulbs and tubes into an inside side shorts pocket -- making it safer for the device.

Jackie Green; "Told by a surgeon that he knows that he goes to the operating room at least a hundred times a year to redo the drains."

Niece Lori Morin is helping Jackie market the Surgi-Shorts -- they've built a website, go to trade shows and are selling them in medical boutiques around the country.

Lori Morin; "This is unisex, everything out there is made for women, but there also quite cumbersome and this is the only lower body garment."))

Jackie is working on getting a medical insurance code for the shorts -- they'll also hold a heart monitor and an insulin pump -- so she will market them many different ways. She is also making other designs to for breast cancer patients.

Jackie Green; "I had cancer because I'm supposed to do this. I believe that God has a purpose in your life and hopefully this is my purpose, to help other women."Buddy Check 3 "Surgi-Shorts"

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