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Buddy Check 3 September (Lori Farmer)

Updated: Tuesday, September 3 2013, 05:21 PM CDT
Imagine finding out first that your spouse has a potentially deadly disease and then having to tell them the news.
That's just what happened to the couple profiled in tonight's Buddy Check Three report.

Four years ago Lori Farmer needed a mammogram.  Her husband Donald Farmer is a Radiologist at Sacred Heart Hospital's Ann Baroco Center.
"I could tell by his face.  After you've been married a long time, you don't need words really."

Doctor Farmer had just read his wife's films.
"My husband walked in the room and he had a little tear and I knew it wasn't good news."

Doctor Farmer says instead of focusing on the sadness he felt deep down, he instead was concentrating on the fact that lori's cancer was caught at stage zero.
"We can get the cancer while it's still in the duct and has not escaped beyond the duct."

Lori lost her mother to breast cancer...So she was vigilant about self breast exams and mammograms...Doctor farmer says that attentiveness saved her life.
Lori is a nurse practitioner and worked in a clinic with her husband earlier in their careers...She asked him to perform her biopsy.

"I was probably the most experienced doing them and she felt confident doing them and probably the hardest thing for me to do."
The biopsy confirmed a malignancy...With her family history, lori opted for a double mastectomy.

A choice she says doctor farmer never questioned -- and only supported.
The pair faced multiple surgeries together, some complications...And through it all --  lori says her doctor became a perfect nurse.

"He was absolutely phenomenal."
Lori says their 23 year marriage has never been stronger...And she says she believes the experience has made her husband an even better doctor...One who really understands and empathizes with his patients and families like never before.

"To this day with any woman that I see that i have similar findings to, I sorta reflect back on that experience."

Buddy Check 3 September (Lori Farmer)

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