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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 September

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY - UWF's women's volleyball season is underway -- tournament play began this afternoon.

For the last eight seasons Melissa Wolter has been the head coach of the Lady Argos...

She has also been fighting breast cancer.
Four years ago this weekend -- Melissa Wolter learned that at age 31 -- she had Stage Two Breast Cancer.

Volleyball season was just beginning -- she wanted to postpone treatment.
Her doctor refused.

((Coach Melissa Wolter/UWF Head Volleyball Coach; "No way, can't wait. I kept hearing it from every direction, every doctor I dealt with is telling me this is your life and my response was, that team is my life."))

Life shifted to surgeries, chemo and radiation.
Still, Wolter missed only one match all season.

((Coach Melissa Wolter; "I could not quit on my kids. It just wasn't about being sick, it was about not giving up, not quitting."))

Fifth Year Senior Jamie Nichols says coach now has more compassion -- and perspective.

((Jamie Nichols/UWF Volleyball; "
((Coach Melissa Wolter; "I'm still a fighter, and I'm still gonna push my players to the ends of the earth, but in the process, when they fail, I'm gonna be there to pick 'em up."))

And encourage..
That's what Wolter's done for Kara Gonzalez...Her mother was diagnosed last year with breast cancer.

((Kara Gonzalez/UWF Volleyball; " "))
Her mom is doing well now.
Wolter says her doctors say she has a 33% higher chance than the average female that her cancer will recur.

((Coach Melissa Wolter; "Whether or not it comes back I have zero control over that. I am forever in God's hands and he's gonna do what he's gonna do with me. And it's been really cool to see all the doors that have been opened for me through this opportunity and through that platform, it's allowed me to stand on and it's no secret to me why I'm standing on it."))

And while cancer may have softened Wolter's approach -- it has not dulled her competitive edge.

((Coach Melissa Wolter; "I still hate losing. I'm not gonna lie. I just hate it. Now I'm able to look across the net and recognize if we lose a big match, maybe it's an opponents big day."))

The Lady Argo Volleyball Tournament continues tomorrow afternoon...The match begins at 1:30 on campus.
Buddy Check 3 September

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