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Buddy Check 3 (Robyn Roberts)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
PENSACOLA, FL - Baptist Health Care Foundation hosted "An Evening With Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts" last week.

Thousands of people enjoyed the fund-raiser.

But for one woman it was a culmination of an almost two-year parallel journey with the night's star.

Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel explains in this month's Buddy Check Three.

Dear Robin, by the time you get this letter, you will have had your surgery."

In August 2007 -- two-time breast cancer survivor Teresa Cole wrote an encouraging letter to Good Morning America Cohost Robin Roberts.

"I am living proof there is life after cancer."

Cole had just had a "clean" mammogram.

Cole's doctor recommended an MRI but Cole was not terribly concerned until she heard Roberts say she too, had a "normal" mammogram and that her cancer hadn't been found at first.

Teresa Cole; "So I immediately called my doctor and said, you know, I think I wanna go ahead and have the MRI done."

Before the letter could reach Roberts -- Teresa had her answer.

Teresa Cole; "Three days after I mailed that letter I found out that my cancer had returned."

The two women experienced surgery, chemo, hair loss and recovery at the same time and they're about to meet.

Teresa Cole; "I'm nervous but I kinda feel like I already know her because we've gone through this at the same time."

Teresa Cole; "I just hope I can give her a great, big hug when she walks in."

Robin Roberts; "How are you doing."?

Then it's time to compare "chemo curls", wig war stories and just visit.

Robin Roberts; "We look in each other's eyes and know what the other has gone through and I'm proud, I'm proud to be in this sisterhood."

Cole says she believes Roberts' story spared her.

Robin Roberts; "Oh, she saved her life, she did. She heard me, yes, but she had to get up, had to make that call."

Roberts has similar encounters every day.

Robin Roberts; "I can't say when it happened to me I was like thank you. I am grateful that it came into my life, I'm grateful it is out of my life for now, I know that there was a purpose."

The women just had tests that show they are both cancer free for now.

Cole knows better than anyone -- it could return. And again, they share a similar spirit.

Robin Roberts; "I'm gonna live. I'm gonna love life and should it come back, so be it. I'm not going to, I think about it, but I don't worry about it."Buddy Check 3 (Robyn Roberts)

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