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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 October

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
You'll probably notice a lot more pink ribbons around over the next few weeks...

Thousands of people in our area are getting ready for the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk...

Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel has more on the event....in today's Buddy Check Three...

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Here at Channel Three we work year round to promote the cause through education and prevention -- with a lot of help from you -- our viewers.

You share your stories of triumph over breast cancer the third day of each month during our Buddy Check Three segments.

Almost two years ago we designated the third day of the month for ladies to "Buddy Up" with a friend to remind each other to conduct their self breast exams.

Through that effort, many stories have come our way.

Tonight's survivor found out one year ago yesterday she had breast cancer. Here is her story.

Polly Brown is a very active cancer advocate...She's a longtime Milton Relay Of Life volunteer -- she's served as a team captain and will even co-chair the large event in 2010...But she never saw herself being an actual cancer patient...

Polly "Because I guess I thought I was invincible and was never gonna get cancer."

The busy 43 year old mom of three teens says she did a self breast exam maybe "twice a decade" until one morning she noticed a red irritated patch of skin on one of her breasts...She felt a very small hard lump...By the end of that same day -- she had a diagnosis of stage two breast cancer...And a difficult decision to make.

Polly "Just my past history of cancer. My mother passed away of lung cancer, my father passed away of colon cancer, I did have an aunt that had Breast Cancer. I just felt more confident doing the double mastectomy and just trying to rid myself of any cancer that may be there."

Polly has an ally, Baptist Hospital's Breast Health Navigator Karen Cobb.

Karen Cobb/Baptist Hospital; "Her surgery, her chemotherapy, went with her to her doctor's appointments when she needed me to be there. We've just become great friends."

With much in common...Fellow survivor Cobb also found her malignant lump through self exam after something didn't look quite right. Cobb says self exams should include a thorough mirror check from all angles. She says to look for symmetry, indentations and discolorations.

Karen Cobb; "Best time to check your breasts if you still have your cycles, it will be the week after your cycle. And check it the same time each month that way your breasts are the same each month if you've already gone through the change or had a hysterectomy it's fine any day of the month. You just pick a day and stick with that day."

Brown's recent PET scans show she is now cancer free. She's completed 24 rounds of chemo and will finish another 52 week chemo regimen in mid January.

Polly Brown; I feel fine, I continue to do everything normally and can't wait until my hair grows back."

The local "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk is set for Saturday, October 25th at 8 a-m beginning at University Mall In Pensacola.

For more information call the local american cancer society at 850-475-0850.Buddy Check 3 October

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