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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 November

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
In October -- there's pink everywhere for Breast Cancer Awareness month here at Channel Three we focus on prevention all year long in our monthly stories on the disease our Buddy Check Three stories.
Jamie Bryant is one of the bravest -- most upbeat ladies I've ever had the pleasure of interviewing and I'm so glad now you can meet her too.

Jamie and Joshua Bryant are really still newlyweds.
The couple's been married a year two weeks after their wedding, Jamie got hit in the chest with a frisbee.

(("Hurt more than normal, I went in, checked it and found a lump."))
At just 32 -- with no breast cancer family  history -- Jamie never dreamed the lump was malignant. She got it checked anyway.

(("I was already at Stage Three, It was so far advanced, they did chemo first."))
Jamie's cancer was extremely aggressive.

(("In the month and a half, it went from this size, to this size."))
Oncologist Dr. Dee McLeod is Jamie's physician. Jamie says she was honest from the first appointment.

(("This might make it so you can't have kids."))
(("Because of her age, we had to have an important conversation about fertility issues."))
(("We were gonna even try to try having to have a family in the spring."))
(("It's a hard conversation as a doctor, as a woman and as a mother."))
Because of the kind of breast cancer Jamie had -- egg harvesting was not an option. After chemo, surgery and radiation she's now on a five year regimen of medicine that makes conception very risky.
Cancer treatment alone is sometimes enough to cause infertility.
(("With chemo, it can change the ovaries.  People can go into permanent ovarian failure or menopause alone."))
Jamie's dealt with that possibility like she handled losing her hair. Over the holidays -- she shaved it for charity.

(("Actually, it was a happy new year.  Some little kid is getting some hair for their wig cause my sister and I donated it to Locks of Love."))
(("It helped her and actually helped me.  She has always been very possible throughout the whole experience, very upbeat in spite of everything."))
Jamie and Joshua each have a child from a previous marriage. She is focusing on their children and her heart is very open to adoption. 

(("I can't look at what I'm gonna be losing, because I'm gaining so much more in life.  It's kinda teaches you, don't look at what you can't have, look at what you can have."))
I spoke to Jamie just this afternoon. She's actually having ovary surgery next week due to some benign cysts. She says her chances for conception are even slimmer than before. But she is still optimistic they'll expand their family one day through adoption and is looking forward to that.

Buddy Check 3 November

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