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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 November

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
Buddy Check 3 November

Fighting breast cancer can feel like a full time job...Doctor appointments, treatments, side effects and exhaustion often wipe a woman out.
Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel meets a local mother who not only dealt with that...but another life changing diagnosis as well.
She has more... In tonight's Buddy Check Three segment,

NOVEMBER 30TH, 2007...
((Mandie Bignell; "Seems like it was yesterday, walking into that room and I could just tell on that doctor's face, that I knew, it was not good."))
The diagnosis -- a Stage Two malignant tumor.
((Mandie Bignell; "I can't have breast cancer, I'm pregnant."))
Mandie Bignell was 32 and expecting her second son when she learned she had an extremely aggressive form of cancer...A mastectomy was immediately scheduled.

((Mandie Bignell; "You've been with me for 32 years, but you gotta go, you're contaminated but you've got to go, I have to be okay."))
Mandie's husband Derek also went into matter-of-fact mode.
((Derek Bignell; "It never crossed my mind that it would be the worst case scenario for her, it wasn't even an option."))
After surgery...Mandie began intense chemo treatments.

((Mandie Bignell; "Every time I sat in that chair I thought, how can this not go to him?"))

The doctors assured the couple that the chemo being used was okay for pregnant  patients...

((Derek Bignell; "The molecules are too huge to go through the placenta and I guess I accepted their ability and their knowledge.  I think she had a harder time with that."))

((Mandie Bignell; "God, I don't care how sick I get, but let him be okay."))
One high risk specialist did encourage Mandie to terminate her pregnancy.

Another doctor said her condition saved her life.

((Mandie Bignell; "We wouldn't have known about the cancer if I hadn't been pregnant."))
Increased blood flow revealed the lump before the cancer could spread.

When Connor was born, he was physically fine, and as he's developed, he's shown no signs of delay.
At two he knew how to spell his name.

((Mandie Bignell; "I joke around with my doctors, that chemo didn't hurt him, it just made him Baby Einstein."))
Mandie's cancer free  and is getting involved in local breast cancer causes.
((Mandie Bignell; "My new and exciting thing, I'm just coming off of my first year of being in the Krewe de Ya Ya's."))
They're a fun bunch who raise a ton of money -- much goes to local women who can't afford mammograms.
Mandie says when Connor's older, she'll explain their wild medical ride...Teaching him he's also a breast cancer survivor -- and has been  from the womb...
Buddy Check 3 November

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