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Buddy Check 3 (Mobile Mammogram Unit)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Most women are so busy caring for family and friends -- they often neglect themselves... Leading to serious health problems....

Kathryn's back with us now... With this months' Buddy Check Three.

Between the age 35 and 40, women should begin a yearly mammogram routine, but many skip it altogether or have them only sporadically.

But I met two ladies who make it quick and easy to take the test.

Toni Sisco's work as a mammography technician is much more than just a job.

Helping detect breast cancer is a medical mission.

Toni Sisco/Mammography Technician; "I wanted to be close to the area, I wanted all the knowledge that I could gain about Breast Cancer, it has helped me actually."

Heal from her mother's death after a long up and down bout with the disease.

She and fellow tech Pat Collins roll on the mammography mobile four days a week...Partnered for more than eight years, Toni and Pat travel from Tallahassee to Alabama giving women mammograms -- many ladies for the first time.

Pat Collins/Mammography Technician; "They're like in their 60's and 70's, never had a mammogram, It's often, that's happens and usually they say, 'I'm so late, better than never, let's get you on, let's get it done and you'll start coming once a year."

Pat and Toni say two main obstacles keep women from their yearly mammograms, lack of time and fear of major discomfort...A convenient mobile unit knocks out the first excuse and Pat says pain is rarely a problem

Pat Collins; "Especially the first time patients, it's the unknown. After they have it they step back and they say, 'Lord, what was I nervous for, that didn't even hurt."

Patient Iris Barnett's been getting mobile mammograms for four years.

Iris Barnett; "I can just hop right out of the car and come in and they take me right away and I'm out."

Each appointment takes about fifteen minutes.

Toni and Pat can see up to 40 patients a day...And once a year they make sure the other one gets their exam.

Both ladies were stay at home moms until their 30's...When they did enter the workforce, they both wanted jobs to help and nurture other women..

Toni Sisco; "Prevent daughters from losing their mothers or their sisters or their grandmothers, that what we're hoping to do everyday." "We hope to save somebody's life, that's what rewarding, that maybe today is the day that we can save somebody's life."

To find out when and where the mobile mammography unit will be near you -- call West Florida Hospital at 850-494-3497...Or toll free 1-800-342-1123, extension 3497.Buddy Check 3 (Mobile Mammogram Unit)

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