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Buddy Check 3 - May (Shana Watley)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
Pensacola's Relay for Life is set for next weekend  at Washington High School.
In today's Buddy Check Three, Kathryn Daniel takes us to meet one of women who will be leading the way.

Three Breast Cancer Survivor Shana Watley says getting asked to be the
Sacred Heart Hospital's Relay for Life Honorary Chair was exciting and

(("Absolutely, I feel honored to be a part of such a great event, to bring awareness, to help raise money."))

A week later, Shana had vastly different news her cancer was back.
(("After the first diagnosis, I really got in tuned with my body and just wanted to pay attention to signals."))
Shana sensed problems and immediately sought answers.  She didn't have to look far for them.
a medical technologist at Sacred Heart Hospital.  She's spent her
career in a laboratory helping diagnose cancer from blood and bone
marrow samples.

(("I always knew that there was a person behind
the sample, behind that tube of blood or that sample of bone marrow but
one you are on that other side it completely gives you a different
Ken Smith taught Shana in college.
(("She was great.  One of the best, that's why she does what she does."))
From student to coworker -- Ken says Shana's two cancer battles have affected the close knit department.

think the thing we admire about Shana the most is her attitude and
strength and whoever came up with this slogan, fight like a woman,
couldn't be more true."))
Ken says Shana's the perfect choice
to lead the Relay for Life walk.  She begins an intense routine of
radiation therapy next week but even that won't stop her.

will be there.  I will be there.  I'll be in treatment but I will be
there whether I am there, but I'm at least walking one lap."))Buddy Check 3 - May (Shana Watley)

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