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Buddy Check 3 March

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
LOCAL AREA - Even with medical insurance -- cancer is a very expensive disease to fight.
The local office of the American Cancer Society has several gift closets to help alleviate some of the patients' costs.
Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel takes us to one...

In today's Buddy Check Three..

After a stage three breast cancer diagnosis, a bi-lateral mastectomy...chemotherapy underway and radiation looming...this is a much needed fun day...

Bobbie Jean Joiner is here for a wig...born a blonde, she's always stuck to lighter shades...so she briefly flirts with brunette...then a long shaggy look....
Short and sassy...A Jackie o style...even auburn...

"I've never been red before."
Helping is Dianne Hatfield who knows a bit about wigs...during her five year lymphoma battle she wore one on and off.

After a recent good medical report -- she began to volunteer here.

"The American Cancer Society, until they find a cure, they've got our back."
Hatfield also helps fit breast cancer patients with bras that accommodate surgeries and hold prosthetics...those -- along with the wigs, are all free.
Companies and hospitals donate the items.
Joiner -- on leave from her longtime job -- is grateful.

"More than you'll ever know."
She goes with her natural color...

"I feel very comfortable, I don't feel like it's a wig, it's like this is my hair."
Joiner says wig wearing has its upside...no salon bills, less time to fix...but every now and then...it all hitsher.

"Don't get me wrong.  Somedays I'm down and out, I do have some bad days.  Everybody does, but I do try to look at the silver lining and know it's all gonna, this is just a time, just a chapter in life that I'm having to go through for some reason and I'm gonna get through it."
Today -- a fellow cancer veteran and a free, stylish wig combine for a beautiful and definite hair-"do"...

"I feel good about it all.  I do.  It's all gonna be good.  All good, it's all good."
    Buddy Check 3 March

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