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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 For March

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Since this time last year, Patricia Nance has been diagnosed with an especially rare and aggressive form of breast cancer...has had extensive radiation, grueling rounds of chemotherapy, a double masectomy and has had many lymph nodes removed... and then one super sweet phone call.

Patricia Nance/Breast Cancer Survivor; "And i was just so thrilled, I couldn't believe it."

It was Ron Holt from Two Maids and a Mop telling Nance she had qualified for free house cleanings.

Today is her second cleaning under the national program which is run by "Cleaning for a Reason."

They recruit local cleaning companies to donate free cleanings to cancer patients...if nominated and selected, the patient gets four free, two hour cleanings.

Two Maids and a Mop owner Ron Holt says now he's on board -- he's trying to drum up other area cleaning services to take part.

Ron Holt/Two Maids and a Mop; "Cause we don't have to be the only one doing this. It's not a territory thing or a monopoly, anybody who is a cleaning service from a one person team to a 20 employee company can do it."

Holt's company is now providing free cleanings to three local patients...Manager Trainee Amanda Baker says she hopes they can add even more.

Amanda Baker/Two Maids and a Mop; "Actually, I like talking to the people, it's nice to come in and help somebody, especially cancer patients and a lot of them just need an ear to listen to them."

Nance says sometimes it's the tiny details that are the most tedious when your sick, and help then, is a special blessing.

Patricia Nance; "Picking up your medicine, because you are always constantly under differeent medications to say, can I run some errands for you, can I pick up your children from school. Little things like that, that their constantly worried about in addition to their cancer."

Little things like that add up, but having a calm and clean home is not so small...

Patricia Nance; "It's the biggest thing ever!"

And it's helped her a lot.

Today Nance is doing much better...her surgeries were successful and her 52 weeks of radiation is coming to a close soon...she feels great, and is grateful.

Patricia Nance; "But the one thing I do when I wake up in the morning is thank God I had this brand new day ahead of me and I'm thankful for it."

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Buddy Check 3 For March

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