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Buddy Check 3 (Mammograms)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
The concept of our Buddy Check Three program is to encourage women to find a friend and remind each other to do their self breast exams each month.

We've heard from many ladies who are doing just that.

Tonight we take the program one step further into the actual mammogram as one buddy supports her nervous friend through this vital health check.

Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel takes us along.

We first met Tina Harrison and Stephanie McKinley this spring. The Baptist Hospital employees and close friends were part of a breast exam class. While here, Stephanie confessed, that despite a family history of breast cancer, she had not had a mammogram for four years.

Tina set out to change that. She made them dual mammogram appointments, cleared their work calendars and set a lunch date. Today's the day.

Stephanie Mckinley; "Ready, my buddy, I'm here with my buddy too. It's gonna be alright."

Tina also has a family history of breast cancer. She is vigilante about her checks every six months she has a mammogram but she understands how and why stephanie had let hers slide.

Tina Harrison; "Our lives now are so busy it's like you know you need to, but you just put it off because other things feel more important but this should be a priority"

Stephanie says her previous mammogram did not hurt. It's not the prospect of pain that deters her but she's visibly relieved when it's over.

Stephanie McKinley; "Glad I did it, feel good about it. I didn't think there's gonna be a problem, but if there is we caught it early."

The hard part's done and it's time for lunch.

But first, the preliminary reports are in and the initial check is good; everything looks normal.

A relief for stephanie who went through her mother's breast cancer diagnosis and treatment last summer.

Tina Harrison; "I'm very proud of her cause it took a lot to get her here today and we accomplished it."

In high spirits, the ladies set a plan for next year vowing to do the double mammogram/lunch date combo annually.Buddy Check 3 (Mammograms)

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