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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 June

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
It is crucial for cancer patients to make it to Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments but getting to them is a major roadblock for folks without a way to go.
The American Cancer Society has a program called the "Road to Recovery"

This is a ride Polly Brown and Brunhilde Wright take together each week.They visit, cut up -- and encourage each other.

((Polly Brown; "You don't need to be scared to death, you're doing great."))
Thanks in part to Polly -- who makes sure Wright makes it to and from her radiation appointments.¤W0 24 ]] C2.5 G 0 [[

((Brunhilde Wright; "I'm scared cause my cars an older car."))
Just last January Brown completed months of breast cancer treatment -- after enduring a Bi-lateral Mastectomy.

((Polly Brown; "It keeps me grounded, to be back in these same hallways."))

As soon as she was well -- Brown began driving patients to treatment and doctor appointments...She takes a day off of work each week to do so -- and coordinates the drivers in Santa Rosa County for the Road to Recovery program.

(("I do it as a service for the patient, but I get back one hundred times more than I give I feel, cause the patients show me what's life's all about."))
Volunteers use their own vehicles and gas  -- Brown's concerned soaring fuel prices may affect her drivers.
(("We do have a few that it does cut into their budget a little bit more, so some of them are not able to drive as often."))
Brown lost her mother and father to cancer -- and has one longtime passenger patient  recently pass away.

(("It did affect me quite a lot.  It just saddens you and almost gives you more reason to keep fighting."))

Buddy Check 3 June

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