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Buddy Check 3 June

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY - Each month, we bring you a story about breast cancer during our Buddy Check 3 segment.

We've featured many local women, often in treatment or recovery, bravely sharing their struggles and medical triumphs with us.

But what about the men in their lives? Rarely do we get a chance to hear from them. A husband's point of view in this month's Buddy Check 3.

This is the toughest part of his wife's breast cancer for John Carroll: Donna's daily radiation session.

Donna Carroll/Breast Cancer Survivor: "Pretty much we are always together and we call it our three-foot rule, we have to be within touching distance most of the time."

The Carrolls are that couple: they dress alike, finish each other's sentences while having a ton of fun, and just ask him why he loves her.

John Carroll/Donna's Husband: "Oh goodness, you better get another segment going, 'cause this is gonna take a while."

It wasn't always like this. Good friends in high school, John and Donna scattered after graduation from Pine Forest. Two years ago, they reconnected, married within a month, and eighteen months later were dealt a stage two breast cancer diagnosis.

John: "My role is to hold her cape, she's Superwoman."

And he's "super husband," cooking every meal, attending each appointment, and...

Donna: "He makes me feel beautiful, even though I don't have hair."

John shaved Donna's hair.

Donna: "He said, 'wow, your head is shaped so pretty.'"

Which he followed with a little levity...

John: "Poke a little fun here and there, call her Kojak, why not?"

A breast cancer battle can put many barriers between a couple. Tender incisions can block intimacy, physically and emotionally.

John: "I don't see the scars, I see the beauty."

Donna: "I don't know if it's better, 'cause it's a young marriage and we're still in the newlywed stage, but I think it's just him."

Soon, he's reunited with his bride. Radiation takes fifteen minutes, and the romance resumes.

John: "Just 'cause I love her, not 'cause of cancer, not because of anything else, just because I love her."Buddy Check 3 June

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