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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 January

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
Losing weight is on a lot of peoples' minds this time of year but there is one group of women who need to be especially in-tune to what and how much they are eating.
In today's Buddy Check Three, Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel shows us the link between obesity and breast cancer.

Dr. Kenneth Mitchell is treating several patients right now who are breast cancer survivors to lose excess pounds.

"They've been battling breast cancer, they've are doing all the things possible to prevent it and I think the data is very clear, if they keep their weight down, they'll reduce that risk."
Mitchell says obese post menopausal women  have an increased risk for breast cancer along with overweight breast cancer survivors.    
Mitchell says body fat produces estrogen and increased levels of that hormone have been linked to the disease.
Mitchell tells his at risk patients to reach for low sugar fruits like blackberries and citrus, green tea, lean protein.

"The superfoods are foods that enhance the immune system.  Cancer really is an immune disease.  The body somehow ignores these cells that have become traitors so to speak, the super foods are antioxidants."
Mitchell says two events usually trigger an eating overhaul. A quality of life change or a health crisis.

"I think they're converts in general they've reached a point where enough is enough."
Mitchell says his weight loss patients who are very successful approach the process methodically. "Look at like from a rule standpoint rather than a freedom standpoint and i think there's a value to that, but it's a hard place to get to where you are willing to live by rules."
Mitchell says if you've missed the New Year's weight loss  bandwagon -- don't wait for a new month or after a vacation do it today.
"Wait for a time, really individuals that  shows they're not quite ready but once you're ready what's January 1st?"
Buddy Check 3 January

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