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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 January

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
BUDDY CHECK  -  It's that time of year where so many of us make dietary changes to lose weight, but there's a growing segment of people who eat "medicinally".
There's a standard list of "super" foods, walnuts, blueberries, and green tea, but according to some health practitioners, there's also a "super" way to eat in general.
Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel profiles a local natural doctor who prescribes a very specific dietary approach to prevent breast cancer in today's Buddy Check 3.

Doctor Jim Bledsoe's Anti Breast Cancer Diet focuses on two principals, reducing excess estrogen and inflammation.
While he sells and promotes herbal and natural supplements to help do both.
He recommends a woman's first strategy, do it dietarily.

First on your plate, more cabbage family food.
Dr. Jim Bledsoe; "It's the cruciferous type vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, different ones like that will help you with preventing and stopping the Estrogen dominance which most Breast Cancer is protein estrogen dominant cells that mutate into abnormal cells."
And prepare those anti-cancer veggies with a lot of fresh spices.
Dr. Jim Bledsoe; "When you cook with those it lowers your insulin levels so it lessons your inflammation in your body when you have less inflammation, cells work better everything functions better."
Bledsoe's next step is super simple...
Dr. Jim Bledsoe; "Increase your water intake.  People just don't realize how beneficial water is.  Your body is 70% water, the world is 70% water, what's the Lord trying to tell you.  Drink more water."
After you're hydrated, fill up with fiber.
Dr. Jim Bledsoe; "Fiber actually reduces estrogen in the body.  So if you increase your fiber intake, you definitely will improve your estrogen dominance which can lead to Breast Cancer."
Increase fiber, but decrease protein.
Bledsoe says Americans eat way too much red-meat based protein.
He says we should take a cue from ancient times, when meat was for special occasions only.

Dr. Jim Bledsoe; "Festivals, weddings and company.  I don't know about you, but I don't have company every night so we really shouldn't be eating meat every day.  Once a week, once a month, especially if your family is more prone to have Breast Cancer and problems like that definitely, you should reduce your red meat."
Bledsoe says there is a bonus to his Anti Breast Cancer Diet, following it also slims your physique.
    Buddy Check 3 January

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