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Buddy Check 3 February

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
LOCAL AREA  -  With this winters' numerous cold snaps...many of us are adding a fuzzy hat to our wardrobe.
Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation are especially vulnerable to frigid temps and chills.
As Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel show us in today's Buddy Check Three ... one  local church group is putting their special talent to work to help keep them warm.

Lady praying aloud and alone, please keep it tight..."you are the healer of all people."
A prayer to begin...

One to  wrap up...and a bunch in between...
Technically these ladies are not a prayer group -- they're a knitting circle...

((Elizabeth Sansom/St. Luke's United Methodist Church; "It's got our personal prayer on it, and then it has the group prayers and the pastor has the church prayers on it, so it's really had thought put into it, it's had love put into it."))
Twice a month they meet and make about fifty hats for area cancer patients. 

Last year they lost a beloved church member to breast cancer...in her memory especially they've made more than 600 hats for others.

((Elizabeth Sansom; "Not just thinking about them, not just praying about them, but doing something for them, makes us feel good, it's a blessing for us."))

And for the local American Cancer Society office...Jill Pait says the ladies' efforts are given away in nine gift closets along the Florida panhandle.

((Jill Pait/American Cancer Society; "Usually it's right when we need more.  Because we try to stock gift closets from here to Tallahassee, so patients from all over can go and get a free cap."))
Leftover event t-shirts make especially welcome hats...soft and washable...all of the other materials are donated by the knitters themselves...they seek out cheerful yarns and fun designs...
((Elizabeth Sansom; "How can you look in the mirror and see this on your head and not fee good?  laughs, please keep."))

The Saint Luke's Ladies Group gladly takes on newcomers.
If you don't know how to knit, they will even teach you.
For more information call 850-477-3145.Buddy Check 3 February

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