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Buddy Check 3 December

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
Is that glass of wine at night raising your risk for breast cancer?
A Cleveland Clinic study shows that women who drink moderately over their lifetime have high breast cancer rates.
The research reveals that women who have one drink a day have a ten percent higher rate of the disease, and  two alcoholic drinks a day increases the risk tremendously.
Doctor Kenneth Mitchell is a board certified OBGYN, and a nutrition specialist, the perfect physician  to ask about the recent Cleveland clinic study.
Turns out, it's research he's been following for some time.
"I think it's a great study.  First of all it's a lengthy study that has been going on for 28 years.  A lot of credibility in the medical literature."
Over the 28 years, scientists followed more than 100-thousand women, they  found that those who had two alcoholic drinks a day increased their breast cancer risk to 51 percent, compared to women who didn't drink.
"The study, was the first time that the association between a behavior and a breast cancer was made and i think that's a very important point."
Mitchell says alcohal may increase the amounts of estrogen in a woman's body.
"Now we see too much may be converting to estrogen to higher levels which would increase the risk of breast cancer."
Mitchell says often the link between alcohol and elevated estrogen levels is easy to see.

"If you look at women who drink a lot of alcohol, they have that little belly fat in the middle, that's from the estrogen effect."
Mitchell says women at high risk for developing breast cancer should consider eliminating alcohol from their diet, but despite his confidence in the study, he does stop short of counseling all of his  patients to cut out drinking entirely.
Mitchell says other studies have repeatedly shown small amounts of red wine have cardiovascular benefits.
He tells all of his female weight loss patients that they can lower their risk of breast cancer, whether they drink moderately or not, to eat oats, broccoli and cabbage, three estrogen fighting foods.
Kathryn Daniel, Channel Three News.Buddy Check 3 December

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