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Buddy Check 3

Buddy Check 3

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Buddy Check 3 December

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY - Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that is slow and centered.

Enthusiasts say it reduces stress, helps promote sleep and increases flexibility and movement. Three areas that cancer patients often struggle with.

Baptist Hospital researchers are working to see if regular yoga participation can help cancer survivors in tonight's Buddy Check Three segment.

Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel has the story.

When Renee Jiron was 40, she learned she had a very aggressive and rare form of breast cancer -- that had progressed to stage four, plus.

Renee Jiron/Breast Cancer Survivor; "I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer and the prognosis was not great."

With a stringent treatment plan Renee came through that round and then...

Renee Jiron; "Five years ago it was just regular Breast Cancer."

Cancer free now five years -- Renee searched for something to relieve her stress.

Renee Jiron; "I've got to get in this study cause I need something else to keep me going."

Baptist Hospital researchers are studying the effects of yoga on cancer survivors.

The myriad of cancer prevention drugs Renee's taken over the years cause major bone and joint pain. She worried she couldn't manage the exercises.

Renee Jiron; "Now I can get down, I can get up. The strength that I have, my bones stopped hurting, I mean I can't even begin to tell you all the benefits of this class has had for me, it's changed my life."

Research Nurse Leslie Robinson says the study isn't complete until the spring...But anecdotally, she's already seeing major positive results.

Leslie Robinson, R.N., Oncology Research Nurse; "I had a patient tell me she no longer had to take sleep medication. She's able to sleep now through the night and she had been taking medication to help her sleep for quite a while."

Renee says in addition to flexibility and strength, she's gained a group of friends who understand her condition personally.

Renee Jiron; "All of us have bonded, it's a sisterhood of sorts.

Renee Jiron; "I come out of this class and I'm am so at peace and so stress free."

Her new found mobility has also expanded into other areas of exercise.

Renee Jiron; "I got so excited I started taking golf lessons and now I play golf and I couldn't even walk up and down the stairs before."

Baptist Hospital researchers are still taking cancer survivors for the spring phase of the study.

If you'd like to be a part of it call 850-469-2227. Buddy Check 3 December

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