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Buddy Check 3 (Buddy Up)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
SANTA ROSA COUNTY - Each month we feature a story on breast cancer in our Buddy Check Three segment.

We encourage women to "Buddy Up" with a good friend to remind each other to perform their self breast exams on the third of each month.

Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel joins us for tonight's story.

Tonight we meet a mother daughter team who are actually both very shy, so being on TV and discussing something so personal so publicly is tough for them.

Usually they counsel with women one on one but tonight they share their stories with us.

Mother and daughter duo Mary Hall and Lori Gillis are very close and similar.

They are both accomplished musicians and share the same profession. They're both library media specialists. When daughter Lori wanted to get her masters degree mom Mary jumped in too.

Lori Gillis; "She didn't want me to go by myself, so she said, I'll just take 'em with you."

The pair graduated together from Florida State.

Mary Hall; "Several times I thought, why am I doing this at my age, you know and she said, no Mother, you are not quitting."

That resilient spirit paid off when Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer, twice.

Lori Gillis; "She handled it great, she never slowed down, she hung in there."

With a lot of help from Lori, less than two years later, it was Mary's turn to step in. At just 37, Lori was diagnosed with Stage Two Breast Cancer.

Mary Hall; "Felt like it was fault that it came from me but once again, I there had to be a purpose for it."

Lori she endured many rounds of chemo and radiation. Her mother understanding just how she felt, and what she needed.

Lori Gillis; "I didn't even have to wake up and wonder is she gonna come cause she was already there."

Deeply spiritual, both women turned to their faith.

Lori Gillis; "I learned that no matter what, God has a plan for us and we can use our trials and our tribulations to minister to others cause I saw her do that, I see her still doing things like that for others."

Mary Hall; "There's a reason for everything and I really believe that. I believe everything helps someone, or should."

Both reserved -- it's not easy to share their cancer stories with others, but they do it anyway...Giving advice and hope to newly diagnosed women.

Lori found her cancer through self exam and is a big advocate of that practice, especially among her under 40 friends.

Lori Gillis; "I'm not even at the the age yet that you're supposed to get yearly mammograms, so you've got to be careful."

Right now Lori is guiding a young woman through her treatment still drawing strength and inspiration from her mother.

Lori Gillis; "The compassion she shows other people and what she does to help them is tremendous."

Next month we will go along with two Baptist Hospital employees as they "Buddy Up" and make a day out of getting their mammograms.

We will join them as they turn what is usually a dreary annual chore into a fun day out with friends.Buddy Check 3 (Buddy Up)

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