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Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:50 PM CDT
PENSACOLA - Imagine being newly diagnosed with breast cancer and having a personal nurse guide you through each step of the often overwhelming process.

That's the trend at hospitals around the country. The Woodlands recently added such a position.

Nurse Navigator Tracy Frank welcomes one of her newest patients, Rose Anne Frank.
Rose Anne Frank/Breast Cancer Patient; "Oh, she's been wonderful, right there with me."

Tracy attends doctor appointments with Rose Anne.
((Tracy Frank/Nurse Navigator, The Woodlands; "It's always good to have another set of ears."
To hear, and a heart that understands.

((Tracy Frank; "I don't tell everyone, but you can just tell when someone is very scared and that's when I tell 'em, I say, I just want you to know that I'm a survivor and I do know what you're going through. I know you don't think that anyone does, but I do."))

When Tracy was 31 and working as an Oncology nurse, she was diagnosed with Stage Two Breast Cancer.

Twelve years later -- she set out to create a position in her workplace that would guide women through Breast Cancer testing, surgery and treatments...When she feels it's appropriate, she'll share her personal experience with and triumph over Breast Cancer.

((Rose Anne Frank; "That gives me hope, it gives me a lot of hope that I'm gonna be right there with her."

Rose Anne has hope -- but Tracy says she's also full of faith and courage.
((Tracy Frank; "She's very strong willed and that positive attitude, it just goes so far, when you're going through this."))

Sometimes survivors distance themselves from their disease...Tracy deliberately entrenches herself in hers.

She runs in marathons to raise money for Breast Cancer research...and every work day chooses to surrounds herself with folks like Rose Anne.

((Tracy Frank; "When you watch people go through this, you see how amazing the human spirit it."))

Both women in our story had strong family histories of Breast Cancer, were vigilant with self exams and yearly mammograms.

And also like Tracy -- Rose Anne has an excellent prognosis for a full recovery.Buddy Check 3 August

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