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Buddy Check 3 April

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
PENSACOLA, FL- The diagnosis of cancer can be very isolating...Often patients feel as if they are all alone.

In today's Buddy Check Three Report, meet a local Oncology Nurse who brings a truly personal touch to her caregiving.

When nurse Cyndi Quizon meets with patient Judith white who's struggling with chemo...And tells her "I know how you feel"...She really does.

Cyndi Quizon, R.N./Sacred Heart Hospital; "You can kinda see them a little bit relax that they think, wow, somebody does understand."

The manager of Saint Catherine's -- Sacred Heart Hospital's Oncology unit -- is also a 14 year breast cancer survivor.

At 42 -- Cyndi had two mastectomies -- surviving massive amounts of chemo and radiation.

Her mercy for White is heartfelt.

Judith White/Cancer Patient; "She's gotta have compassion if she lived through that and she still's doing the job. So it'll make a better unit, better team."

Nurse Harriette Allen's part of Cyndi's team.

They've worked together since even before her breast cancer diagnosis.

As they were reviewing a chart -- cyndi remembers a patient's special lunch request and quickly leaves our shoot.

Harriette says such a reaction is typical Cyndi.

Harriette Allen, R.N./Sacred Heart Hospital; "Let me go order the mashed potatoes, they wanted mashed potatoes for lunch, the little things."

And the big things...Like how she handled losing her hair to chemo.

Cyndi Quizon; "The lady that cut my hair turned me so I couldn't see and then she put my wig on and then she turned me back around and like this lady said, that's the hardest part. She can handle the chemo, she can handle the sickness, but the losing of her hair."

Cyndi says her cancer battle ultimately made her a much better nurse...So she shares openly with patients needing insight and reassurance.

Cyndi Quizon; "They think, well, okay, it's kinda rough right now, but down the line, I can see the light and that, yeah, maybe I can make it."Buddy Check 3 April

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