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Buddy Check 3 (Anita Gardner)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Chemotherapy and radiation therapies help heal the body -- but they are also harsh on how it looks.

Skin drys out and hair falls out...Leaving a patient, especially a woman, feeling like they look less than their best.

In tonight's Buddy Check Three, Channel Three's Kathryn Daniel finds a cure for that part of battling breast cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy and having her waist length hair fall out in clumps soon followed.

Anita Gardner/Breast cancer survivor; "My son, he finally said "Mom, it's just hair. It'll grow back. That right there made me feel so much better."

But Anita wanted to look better too.
She said looking sick actually made her feel sicker.

That's when she enrolled in the American Cancer Society's "Look good, feel better program."
Anita Gardner; "I thought, my goodness, they offer this and for free? And we can just go and play with this makeup and learn how to use it and I was so excited because I hadn't really used makeup much in my life and I didn't know how to apply it."

That's where long time volunteer Miriam Padilla comes in...The professional cosmetologist recently won a state award for teaching hundreds of patients how to apply makeup and style wigs.

Miriam Padilla/American Cancer Society volunteer; "When I first started I didn't have money to give back to the community but I certainly had time, so I felt time was just as valuable as money."

National cosmetics companies donate the products...And the local office of the American Cancer Society gave Anita her wig...Along with her family support, anita says her confidence is back.

Anita Gardner; "Especially with my son's guidance, saying mom, it's okay, it'll grow back. He's so sweet and my family even telling me I look beautiful anyway, which I knew was wrong but they were so sweet to tell me that."

Kathryn Daniel, Channel Three News.>>Buddy Check 3 (Anita Gardner)

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