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Buddy Check 3 (American Cancer Society Road To Recovery Program)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Any kind of health care crisis can drain a family financially -- but cancer is especially expensive.

In tonight's Buddy Check Three, Channel Three's Mollye Barrows profiles a local program that helps folks lighten the load, even just a little bit.

When etta mccant was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer, one of her first concerns was transportation.

Etta McCant/Breast Cancer Patient; "I didn't know how I'd get back and forth cause my daughter has to work and it really was, I was so glad cause they were so friendly and courteous."

They turned out to be the local office of the American Cancer Society...Their Road To Recovery Program matches volunteers to patients...The volunteer picks up the patient, takes them to their cancer treatment, waits during the chemo or radiation session and then drives them home.

Stella Hogan/American Cancer Society Volunteer; "Every single patient that I have picked up and transported, they're just so grateful and they want to give you gifts which we cannot accept, we do not accept gifts."

But both ladies did get a gift, a renewed old friendship...Turns out the volunteer-patient match were already acquainted..

Etta McCant; "I did know Mrs. Hogan, long, long years ago, go way back with Mrs. Hogan, she's a nice person."

With a lot of experience with cancer...Stella Hogan has lost her husband, mother and father to the disease.

A decade ago she began volunteering with the American Cancer Society and helped start the local "Road To Recovery Program."

Stella Hogan; "To be involved means that sooner or later one day there will be a cure and I feel very comfortable being with the patients."

Mrs. Mccant says she feels fine...That her chemotherapy treatments have only left her a little tired...And her prognosis is as positive as her attitude.

Etta McCant; "I feel great, they're so nice over here, I feel real good."

The Road To Recovery Program is not just for breast cancer patients, anyone with any kind of cancer may qualify for the service, which is on a "Need Basis".

You just need to register with the American Cancer Society's local offices...You can reach them at 850-475-0850, extension 111.Buddy Check 3 (American Cancer Society Road To Recovery Program)

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