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Angles In Our Midst (Kasie Forman)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
It's been a pretty rough road for a Santa Rosa County girl who was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

Her thyroid was removed, she underwent debilitating treatments, went into remission; the cancer returned, more treatment, remission again.

A Milton High School junior found strength through helping others on tough journey to survival.

Kasie Forman, Cancer Survivor; "I've lost a lot of friends to cancer. A lot of kids that I know have passed away."

For as sick as she is from the side effects of losing her thyroid to cancer, Kasie Forman believes she's lucky to be alive.

Mariah Sparling, Kasie's Friend; "She told me she wanted to do something big and I was like, well, what do you want to do? And she kept having these different ideas and then she got the teddy bear."

Kasie; "I actually emailed a teddy bear company and I just sent them my story and they sent me 150 bears. I mean, they just showed up on my doorstep."

That got Kasie moving and thinking. She had 150 bears to deliver.

Kasie; "Just waking up in the morning and getting dressed and looking halfway decent everyday, made me feel so much better."

She got her friends and delivered the bears to cancer patients at children's hospital. If one email could do this, there had to be more she could do, like raising moeny. Her physician, Dr. Chachi, had an idea.

Kasie; "Would you think about doing this for pediatric oncology. I told him that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to organize charity events."

Sarah Dunn; Kasie's Friend; "She doesn't want other kids, I guess, to go through the struggle that she had to go through. She hopes she can make it a little better."

Kasie has registered her own foundation, Kasie helps kids. With the help of her friends, she's planning her first big fund-raiser; a fashion show with young cancer survivors as models. It's ambitious and time consuming.

Mariah; "She wants to keep going and she wants to spread her word to other people and her strength."

Kasie; "Just to never give up."

The excitement of knowing she can make a difference, is motivation to keep Kasie going. She's taking it one day at a time but she's making every day count.

Kasie; I just had my yearly scan, like two months ago, and it came out good.Angles In Our Midst (Kasie Forman)

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