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Angels In Our Midst (Team Home Depot)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
The first Japanese Garden dates back to 528 A.D.

They are known as places of tranquility and peace.

A team of volunteers just constructed such a place that needed the help of Angels in our Midst.

A beautiful place to sit here and meditate and remember their last days with their family members; that it was a beautiful experience in a peaceful, peaceful setting for them.

The 30 plus members of team home depot came with a well laid out plan. They had caught the vision for the Japanese Memorial Garden they were going to build at the Covenant Hospice Joyce Goldenberg residence.

Joann Lablanc/ Home Depot Volunteer; "We're giving the facility the privacy it needs by putting up this bamboo fencing. We're adding in a beautiful fountain, dry bed
We're adding in a rose garden. We're staining all of the benches to match this prayer house. We're putting in an herb garden for the chef here."

Mike Owen/Son of Hospice Patient; "My dad spent time here years ago. My mom is here now."

This sanctuary is for the patients and the families; the daughters and sons like Mike Owen.

Mike Owen; "Oh, it's beautiful. People that are confined to a bed, to a room, we can open the curtains up ... They can see out. There are bird feeders. There are wind chimes.

Angela Bottesini/Covenant Hospice; "The garden will be a place they can come and quietly find their center, their peace, their soul to make it through the walk of what we all know is the most frightening point of life for everybody.

Joann; "I think this particular project touched many of our lives. Many of us have had family members or friends taken care of by hospice. We all get choked up talking about it.

Danny Watson/Home Depot Volunteer; "It draws us closer to come out here and pour ourselves into this. So, it's a two way thing. I think it's good for us and it's good for the people who get to come out here and enjoy it.

Even in the stillness of the night they can find peace on their difficult journey.

Mike; "Therapeutic. It's wonderful, it really is. It is peaceful."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital Angels In Our Midst (Team Home Depot)

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