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Angels In Our Midst (Teal's Team)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Teal; I just thought that since I lived on an island, maybe I would want to walk around the whole thing. And my dad came up with the idea that maybe we should raise money and give it to a charity.

Last spring, Teal Garth made the 33-mile trek around Perdido Key by herself with dad alongside in a kayak. This year, the 13 year old had little sister and five faithful friends along for the adventure.

Chandler Morales, 13 Walking With A Friend; This is like a really great idea, helping people out in Ecuador who have cerebral palsy and they can't walk.

Taking dad's suggestion, Teal got sponsors for her walk and donated the money to the Fairhope, Alabama Bayside Medical Missions. The doctors needed to buy wheelchairs for disabled Ecuadorian children.

Teal, We were walking for people who can't walk.

Adia Garth, Walking for Wheelchairs; If we were just doing it for fun, I'd probably not be able to do the whole thing.

The girls walked 13 miles the first day, camped out overnight, then walked 14 miles the second day and six on the last. They have proof that this was not just a walk in the park.

Teal Garth, Walking for Wheelchairs; The end of the second day, we were all really tired and we had blisters and our legs were sore.

We got a lot of like splinters in our hands and our feet from the camp site because there are lots of briars and stuff there.

Chandler; I stayed positive and I was, like, oh, we've got to finish this.

The friendship and girl talk could only push them so far. It was the mission that kept them moving to the finish line.

Adia; Thinking about that was really happy and it, like, warmed my heart.

Natalie Sealy, Walking for Wheelchairs; It was over. We walked 33 miles; we were tired. Finally, we finished. We raised all that money.

The four thousand dollars the girls raised will buy about 40 wheelchairs. Forty children will be able to get out and maybe go on their own adventures.

Teal; Probably make a lot of children's life in Ecuador a lot easier.

Make a huge difference in their life.Angels In Our Midst (Teal's Team)

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